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Meet Raven Paris, a Media Mogul who is changing the game

A black woman of divine excellence and the willingness to help others is how we could sum up the amazing Raven Paris. The Media Maven herself has set the tone in media tackling all arenas from radio to tv to podcasts, you name it. Raven Paris has branded herself to be the ultimate hustler and game changer.

"The power is IN you so whatever you want is always within reach! There is only one you, so once you tap into yourself and find your niche you will be able to pitch and sell yourself/your business to anyone."

Now we mentioned, she is a hustler and game changer which brings us to her newest venture in life, being an Author, that's right, this butt-kicking, hard working Millennial is now making way in the arena of the greats like Toni Morrison, Alice Walker and Maya Angelou. Raven Paris introduces her new book "The Game Changer" a startup kit to becoming a successful and thriving entrepreneur.

My overall hope for all of the readers of The Game Changer: Start Up Kit to become or sustain entrepreneurship is that they use my workbook as their personal guide to solve additional challenges and concepts that many learners have and that my method establishes fundamental skills necessary for proficiency in branding and taking their brands to the next level.

But its Raven Paris herself who is the game changer. A chameleon she is perhaps, the ability to adapt, shape and navigate through multiple realms is something to be in awe of.. Raven has become a driving force through media and has learned to share her success with others to help gear them into the world of success as well. She lives by the name of her book, The Game Changer she continues to defy the odds , changing the game through every avenue she works in.

The amount of success I’ve been able to achieve thus far by partnering with companies such as TMZ, BET, Radio One, Deleon Tequila, and Revolt were all due to self-taught skills and strategies. Using The Game Changer: Start up kit to become or sustain entrepreneurship, other Black business owners will be given the blueprint to brand and market themselves in a way where they will be able to create their own tables. They will not feel the need to have to change who they are to gain opportunities because the workbook will teach them the techniques to compete in the marketplace and create tangible results for their business.

Raven Paris is an example of constantly moving, constantly creating, and constantly reinventing herself, her brand and her drive to want others to do the same is why she is heavily sought after and looked up to. Her transparency in this media world has left her becoming the beacon of hope for many entrepreneurs to follow. Raven Paris, Thee Game Changer.

If you would like to learn more about Raven Paris and her latest book, please visit:

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