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ALBUM REVIEW: Spike Nu "Baggage Claim"


Spike Nu is a breath of fresh air, bringing in dynamic beats, epic production and lyrics that bring you home like Sunday's Soul Food Dinner! Carving his name in the realm of Hip Hop, Baggage Claim is certainly detailing why Spike Nu will be quite a feat in the music industry.

The 13 song LP takes you on a ride as if you were the luggage traveling on your way through Baggage Claim (you see how I added that pun), but seriously this album is a pure ride through hip hop and showcases the fire and the hunger that resides in the King we are seeing, Spike Nu.

Stand out tracks on the album "Boyfriend, Girlfriend Thing", "Like Me", "Trap House Suites" and "Baggage Claim" all showcase exactly what talent this artist is capable of, and I call them stand out tracks because, literally these tracks made my hair standup and of course I got reinforcement who took a sneak peek at this project, and all agreed! Projects like these do not come often, so you must digest them and really appreciate the words, the keys, the strings and the melodies and you could tell he took his time with this project and wanted to make a statement. STATEMENT MADE!

Quoted with saying "I'm not A Rapper, I just talk ART", well the talk is heavy so heavy this art talk lives and breathes emcee essence. A new way of detailing how talking art embraces the limitless boundaries one could take this art form called Hip Hop.

My favorite track on the LP is "Hustle" which immediately spoke life to me. His past, his struggle, his hunger, his grit all the things tied together to make him a complete beast for the music game, I heard it, I felt it and I got it. This track alone creates the lane for the entire album and is a must have repeat!


All in all, the 38-minute piece is a work of art & pleased my ears!

RATING: 9/10