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Meet the newest rap sensation, coming out of Virgina.

Sincerest Don is the answer to everything we need and miss in Hip Hop. The lyrically inclined emcee is something quite refreshing and I think the world will know that soon enough.

Gaining acclaim around the country this emcee has become the new star of Virginia, letting the world know VA is back on the map. Bar for bar, word for word, line for line, Don can go with the best of them. He is in a pioneering league and the world is about to be awoken from the slumber we never knew we were in.

Born in Southeast Washington D.C, then raised in Dumfries, VA, in efforts to leave the fast-paced-city life, yet still be immersed in an environment and family full of hustlers is quite the unique and powerful experience.

Gifted lyrically, genius with his metaphors, Sin attracts all types of listeners and supporters. Whether you can relate to his upbringing, his family history, or just love a dope lyricist and real hip-hop vibes, his new EP is worth a listen. Although it's a fairly short project of 22 minutes, it's enjoyable from top to bottom,. Definitely looking forward to watching this independent artist rise to the top of his craft.

New music from one of Virginia's finest rap artists was released today; major salute to Sincerest Don! TOP OF THE YEAR! It's well known that the DMV births incredible entertainers due to the culture of music and entertainment saturating the area. Music execs are eager to discover fresh sounds this first quarter after such a slow year in 2020 due to the pandemic. Perfectly timed, Sincerest Don's latest release, CARDINAL SIN, is just the motivation music needed to kick off the new year.

Sin tells his story over quite soothing yet powerful production. Bars and stories comparable to the likes of your favorite hustler-music artists, Sin's music will be in your playlist alongside your Jeezy anthems and your heartfelt Meek Mill tracks. Shout out to his production team; Jay-Z and J.Cole would enjoy such dope beat production. Sincerest Don gives you a regal feel... he's clearly a prince of his region.

READ DMV POWER FULL ARTICLE: https://dmvpr.blogspot.com/?m=1

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