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Book Review: A King’s Path (Turning Tragedy into Triumph Along The Way)

The beautiful thing about this thing we call life is it ultimately it gets better if you put in the work. This book in entirety is PUTTING IN THE WORK!

A King’s Path is a story of a man who finds himself after a life of fame, glory, music, drugs and women. It speaks to every reader who is chasing and enjoying the fast life, allowing all to see there is purpose in the end. Centered around the main character Marcus ‘Smacky’ Gregory, you see his story as a rising musician who is thrusted into the spotlight and his navigations back to Triumph thus allowing us to journey along his King’s Path.

This story also centers around fatherhood and we see Smacky as a dad, dealing with a son with special needs. Both a joy and understanding in seeing the characters growth as a father, speaks to dads everywhere who take on the responsibility full on.

Written by Renowned Entrepreneur and Culture Curator Haywood G. Donerson with Marvin D. Bryson, gives play on Donerson’s life and the true essence of a King’s Path.

Three Hundred and Three pages of pure excellence I was able to read and not only learn of his great strides, but as a DC native I got to learn of the amazing Chocolate City that I unfortunately was not here to experience. And as a native you get the amazing bases of music which has cultivated the city as a whole in a major way.

All in all the book is an amazing read and I say all who read this review, pick up your copy now and enjoy ! GRAB YOUR COPY

RATING: 9.5/10



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