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BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Jessica Teachey (GoldenChild Management)

Jessica F. Teachey, an alumna of Howard University’s School of Business, currently serves as the Director of Community Engagement at The MusicianShip, a music education non-profit in Washington DC. In her 5th year with The MusicianShip, Jessica focuses on increasing music education awareness with regional musicians, preserving music history/cultural community experiences, and growing global program visibility. Her most notable projects are behind the non-profit’s major acquisitions of: The Washington Youth Choir, The Wammie Awards and the DC Funk Parade.

For the past seventeen years, Jessica has been immersed in youth development work with various non-profits across the country. While at Howard University, her love for entrepreneurship and desire to build better brands placed her in the midst of projects that powered artist management, apparel and merchandise consulting, nightlife entertainment. Her love of Jazz, Go-Go, R&B, & Pop are the reasons she became a student of the music business and industry. Also inspired by Hip-Hop and the Bad Boy Movement of the 90’s, her career in music event logistics and community project planning comes as no surprise after studying icons like Sean Combs. Her coaching experience spans across industries like small business development, entrepreneurship, athletics, entertainment management & non-profit administration.

In 2016, Jessica brought a fresh perspective of industry and entertainment leadership to The MusicianShip serving as first a Program Manager for The Washington Youth Choir, Summer Program Coordinator, Events Manager & now the Director of Community Engagement. By 2019, her Community Engagement department had become responsible for completing the non-profit’s artistic development cycle by overseeing and producing their first Wammie Awards and DC Funk Parade. These Washington DC Metropolitan events leverage artists, musicians the communities surround to help the non-profit serve almost 2,000 students, locally and abroad, with free-of-charge music programs.

Since 2012, GoldenChild Management's primary focus has been to coach clients to their chosen destination of success by implementing concierge services & executive management solutions into their projects while inducting them into a progressive conglomerate of vetted industry professionals across the United States & abroad!

Collaborating Brands

The MusicianShip

Erace the Hate

Note 2 Self

The Love Dynasty

Creator’s Coalition

The Empowerment Center

USA Guided Tours

Capital Park & Wash

MD State Arts Council

Songwriters Association of Washington

iamFound Lifeskills Development

J Robinson Intensive Camps

Howard University Entrepreneurship

& Leadership Institute

Collaborating Artists

Asha ‘BoomClak’ Santee


Marlee & The Mixx

Greg Watkins

Washington Youth Choir

Marshall Sims

MP: How did you begin in the business?

JT: I actually got my start in the Entertainment Event Business back in college at Howard when a few of my friends started a LGBTQ party promotions company to serve the lack in the market we saw for venues that catered to our community. Also at this time, my best friend and I (Asha ‘BOOMclak’ Santee) started a musically inspired apparel line, right from her dorm, called: Note 2 Self.

MP: What are you learning about yourself as you continue in your career?

JT: I’m learning that I’m much more resilient than I actually believed myself to be in previous years. I’m also learning about how to push back even harder against fear and doubt when it pertains to what The Universe has in store for you. I used to be the type of person who wanted to control every single detail, every single atom of my projects and now I’m much more graceful and grateful to let God handle that light work while I simply serve and use my talents where I’m steered.

MP: What inspires you?

JT: Retiring by 50! One of my greatest lyrical mentors Jay-Z (Sean Carter) said, “I can’t help the poor if I’m one of them.” So, I’m on an accelerated path in my career and business pursuits to be able to do the work that I absolutely choose to do within the next 10 - 15 years. That desire to be totally accessible and available to my family, my twin nieces and my future partner mean absolutely everything to me!

MP: What advice would you give someone wanting to walk in your footsteps?

JT: Become a chameleon! Most of my success is due to my ability to adapt my skills and performance to a varying list of different industries and business types. I’ve started clothing lines, coached sports, opened restaurants, produced concerts, developed infants/ name it! The main transferable product was my ability to learn, adapt and then perform at a higher level than my peers due to my tenacity and commitment. If you take that type of a spirit and focus into anything, you’re guaranteed success just based on the sheer amount of people that won’t go that distance.

MP: What is one motto you live by?

JT: One of my other near and dear literary mentors: Zora Neale Hurston said, “If you want that good feeling that comes from doing things for other folks then you have to pay for it in abuse and misunderstanding.” As a Queer Black Woman in the Entertainment sector, this quote hits all the way home and honestly, it’s even indicative of the Black Woman’s overall Experience in this country and around the globe. It keeps me humble and reminds me that I’m here for the work and not the praise. ;-)

"I’m at the very beginning of building an actual public presence via my events work with The Wammies and DC Funk Parade. I’m really pushing the narrative of how much we’ve accomplished by being fearless in music leadership in DC after graduating from Howard. Both angles I know are important for people to see and know as a queer black woman under 40 just trying to make the ancestors proud!"

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