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Brand Spotlight: Meet CharlesDayquon

CharlesDayquon, the creative innovator taking the media world and fashion world by storm. Deemed a new sensation, his takeover is organic and vastly growing.

"Growing up in a small city with even bigger dreams, you have to stay consistent on your hustle."

CharlesDayquon is an emerging on air talent, Serial entrepreneur, and motivational speaker on the quest to greatness. Hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, he is destined to show the world, Big things come out of Small states.

CharlesDayquon began his journey for success in high school helping and shaping his fellow students creative direction, and yet one more title to add to his belt.

Dayquon continued his journey at the countries oldest Degree Granting Institution for African Americans (Lincoln University Of Pennsylvania) where he studied Strategic Communication with a minor in Graphic Arts.

Today as a media personality, he has been able to interview the likes of Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlock and More. He gears to break the mold of media personalities before him, while creating a new wave on the entertainment industry a she knocks down doors for those behind him.

As a fashion designer and beauty enthusiast , he is currently setting the industry ablaze. With clothing for today's taste and accessories to keep the Black Mans hair intact, CharlesDayquon is creating a whole new lane without even trying.

Dayquon, Flipped the switch as a intern as he hustled to break into the entertainment industry to pursue being on camera and really implementing himself as a new guru in the realm of all things entertainment. Working along-side Community Goats such as Patience Foster (known for her work with client Cardi B), Jet Phynx, Ivan Thomas, Jamila Mustafa (MTV/Viacom) & many more has catered to how he tackles the business and how he hopes to break ground as the greats he aligns himself with.

Never rushing greatness but tackling every obstacle that stands in this way, CharlesDayquon started his luxury lifestyle fashion brand Venivici in 2017 with the aspirations of motivating everyone to conquer greatness, while looking epic doing it. Designing clothes since middle school it was second nature to move his pieces to the runway and cultivating his favorite hair accessories.

Currently his network now stems from ATL to Delaware, where he now can merge his connections between the areas and further boost his network to help elevate his career in media and inspire his community.

You can catch him on any social media platform by his universal handle, @CharlesDayquon


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