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BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Meet "Lavii, Inc"

Rea Huntley, a Washington, D.C.-based inventor, created Lavii, Inc to simply more everyday experiences-- first in the food industry.

After realizing she wasted 20 minutes waiting in line for an order that was waiting on her at the register, the founder and network engineer developed the solution of a better way to carry out. The Lavii patent-pending smart locker technology is the perfect solution for consumers to retrieve made-to-order meals safely, secure, and easily for take-out and for restaurants to make fast food, fast!

After a successful pilot program, implementing the insulated lockers in multiple locations to service over 3,000 orders since June, they have gotten amazing feedback from both the restaurants and their consumers. Watch their pitch video to learn more about Lavii here.

About the founders

Our team of experienced hardware, software, and network engineers with a combined 30 years of experience, allowed Lavii, Inc. to create a simple, yet efficient product to offer to our customers.

-CEO, Rea Huntley

Computer Electronics and Engineering major, currently working as a network engineer (LGBT- community)

-COO, James Bagley

Computer Science major from Bowie State University (HBCU grad,) and serves as a full-stack web developer and UX/UI

-CTO, Marcus Gunn

Senior software and systems engineer with a passion for discovering technologies and creating high-level systems and user experiences. (Bowie State University and John Hopkins grad; NASA internship; member of National Society of Black Engineers)

Take a look here:


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