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BRAND SPOTLIGHT: The "Walker Bradfords"

As a family, the Walker Bradfords have a story that is quite a unique one. Roderick and Chanell Bradford have a very talented family of six, with the oldest being six and the youngest being one. They are continuing to defy all odds on their venture to generational wealth and success.

Together and individually, The Walker Bradfords have skills in the entertainment industry that range from acting, modeling, dancing, screenwriting, directing, producing, and hosting. To date, they have made appearances with household brand names including Crown Royal, Nike, Dicks Sporting Goods, Gap, Blue Cross Blue Shield, just to name a few.

Just recently, they opened up to sharing their personal life with their very own YouTube channel, which offers professional content, vlogs, and even exclusive tips on Acting and how to survive as a family in the entertainment business. 

As far as the lovely couple for Roderick and Chanell, they have a very entertaining and informative business on Instagram called “Kings N Queens” where they serve as host. “Kings N Queens” is a live IG session that interviews artist and business professionals of all sorts. Their show runs on Monday’s on Friday’s from Roderick’s Instagram page. And as a gift to their viewers, not only do they sometimes offer free giveaways but they also have Couples Night, and it’s a treat for the couples.

And just when we’ve thought they’ve done it all, they figured out how to awe us one more time. Rod and Chanell also have their own business with Nappa Valley Winery called, ONEHOPE. ONEHOPE’s mission is that for every bottle that is sold, a percentage goes to charity. They have been rigorous in their attempt to give back to charity, and see no need to stop.


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