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Dive into the DEEP SPACE with CANDIACE

Candiace Dillard Bassett is an array of personalities that we have grown to know and love on The Real Housewives of Potomac.

But Ladies and Gentlemen meet CANDIACE , Recording Artist and Superstar with the vocal power of a Goddess. The star has just released her debut LP entitled “Deep Space” and we must say this project is a solid collection of bangers.

Starting off with an epic intro “Let Them Talk” CANDIACE acknowledges all the naysayers and solidifying more of why she will be fine because they do nothing but give her more press. The 15 song project allows us to go on a journey.

We dive deep in space through many vibes and avenues like the club, r&b, love, soul, funk and all things in between. Shocking to most we gave it the Cardi B effect, where we thought it would be one way but turned out to be magic and a solid body of work. This album truly showed exactly what art and talent has been boiling inside of her and how necessary it was for us to receive everything she has to offer.

The album has already garnered huge success with a Top 25 Debut, more than a half a million first week streams and a debut at number 4 on iTunes. Breaking all the barriers, CANDIACE becomes the most successful solo recording artist from the entire housewives series.

Favorite tracks from the album are “Do It (Nostalgia)”, “Situationship” , “Cause A Scene” , “Is It Enough?”, “Drive Back” and the Traci Braxton assisted track “Stay With Me”. Now that's a lot of favorites which means this album is a bonafide hit. CANDIACE showcases her light as an artist and this project helps position her in the music industry and from the looks of it CANDIACE will be here a while.

RATING: 9.5/10



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