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EDITORIAL SPOTLIGHT: Ean Williams (CEO of DC Fashion Week)

A former professional model, actor, and multiple international awards recognized designer & producer, Ean Williams is a 3-time British Vogue featured designer. He is the founder and executive director of DC Fashion Week. Ean regularly provides his fashion commentary on social media and news outlets such as Fox 5 WTTG and ABC News Channel 8. He is the recipient of the Fashion Icon Award (U Designate me), Designer to Watch (Council Magazine), The Creative List: Style (Washington Life Magazine), Outstanding Achievement in Fashion (MD Fashion Awards), Winner of Best Indie Menswear Designer (Black Fashion Designer Association New York), Top 100 events (#3 Fashion) in Washington by (BizBash Magazine, and Best Tourist attraction, (Washington Award Committee.

His fashions have graced the runways of Amsterdam Fashion Week, Serbia Fashion Week, and Ukraine.

Red Carpet Designer Ean Williams recently combined his Magnum Underwear Collection with his red-carpet label Corjor International for his 35th consecutive showing at DC Fashion Week.

TMP: Fashion has so many meanings, in your words what is Fashion?

EW: Fashion is what you make of it; the only requirement is that it looks and feels good on the wearer.

TMP: How did you begin in the world of Fashion?

EW: I started out as a professional runway model. I later branched into acting, model instructor/coach, fashion designer and fashion show producer, and red-carpet host/fashion critic.

TMP: You have created a staple here in the DMV, how did you know there was a need?

EW: When I started in the industry as a designer, there were no professional tradeshows, platforms for designers, or professional organizations to grow fashion talent. I saw the void and formed DC Fashion Week after trademarking the name.

TMP: DC Fashion Week, tell us all about this amazing week and how you created it?

EW: In 2004, no fashion organizations in DC shared resources and promoted Fashion made in DC. DCFASHIONWEEK is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing economic development in the area of fashion design, clothing merchandising, modeling, and enhancing the visibility of the nation's capital as a center of international Fashion.

TMP: Your fashion week has inspired many designers that show their work in Milan, Paris, and New York Fashion Week, how does that feel?

EW: It is great seeing the influence the brand has made in the industry. In addition, our DC-based designers have made quite the impression in other significant markets and platforms.

TMP: What is the biggest misconception about DC Fashion Week?

EW: That we only focus on local Fashion. We are an international brand and attract talent from around the globe.

TMP: What inspires you?

EW: Reading about success stories in the fashion industry always motivates me. If it can happen for them, it can happen for me.

TMP: How can people be a part of DC Fashion Week?

EW: We hold open registration online at during the months of June and November.

TMP: What are you learning about yourself as each year passes?

EW: I can continuously improve what was done before without reinventing the wheel.

TMP: What advice do you have for those trying to break into the fashion industry?

EW:Get solid knowledge about the industry, develop a business plan, seek mentors and align yourself with doers, not sayers.

TMP: What is one motto that you live by?

EW: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

TMP: Where can people find you and the brands?

EW: Our website is a one-stop-shop for everything Fashion in DC

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