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FEATURED SPOTLIGHT: Malachi Fuller of HYYER Creative

TMP: What three words would you say represents your brand?

MF: Innovative, Quality-Driven, Culture-Based

TMP: How and when did you begin in the world of entertainment?

MF: I began my career in entertainment in 2015 when I first moved to LA. I got my first start when I started interning for a popular LA-based DJ, Brian Henry. Shortly after, I also began working with REVOLT TV. Both of these ventures provided an opportunity to start making connections and forming relationships that opened up many doors for me over the next few years.

TMP: When did you realize you had something to offer to the world of entertainment?

MF: My entire life, I knew that I wanted to make a positive impact on our culture that could be tangible. My early adult years were spent studying black culture from a marketing perspective and understanding how to get the wheels to turn from behind the scenes, but also what people wanted to see from a front-end perspective. It was only a matter of time before preparation met opportunity. I had many resources in the DMV, but it was when I graduated from college and made the pivot to LA when my mentality shifted to “sink or swim”… that’s when I was able to start building a firm foundation that allowed me to create and work with individuals on a hyyer scale. I started finding myself in more rooms with more decision makers and industry leaders — immediately, I’d start pitching ideas and finding ways to show up as a person who created value.

TMP: What are you learning about yourself as you continue in your career?

MF: I’m learning more and more to trust myself and my instincts. It’s something I’ve always done very well and still do, but as you move higher in your career, your decisions hold more weight and affect more people… you need to be able to trust yourself. Stepping into that role of embodying a man of leadership that people look to, as well as being confident in my decision-making has been one of the biggest reasons for my successes.

TMP: What inspires you?

MF: I’m inspired by my peers. I love seeing the people around me, especially creatives, grow - from skill levels to positions of power, it’s a beautiful thing to watch the people around me kill it. It pushes me to go harder, learn more, and become better. I’m also inspired by my younger self. What inspires me is the idea that we have a responsibility to shape the next generation of leaders and that they are watching not just what we do, but what we create, literally. So I’m inspired to create things that create value for them, that can possibly change their lives, things that open their eyes, things that tell empowering stories, and then motivate them to want to do the same.

TMP: Tell us about HYYER Creative, word on the street is this is the new wave in creating and innovating in the new digital market.

MF: HYYER Creative is a creative agency that I founded in 2018. We specialize in content development, branding, and strategy for creative entrepreneurs, businesses, and brands rooted in millennial and Gen-Z culture. Our goal is to be on the forefront of creating and telling dynamic, impactful stories through the world of digital content. Digital content is at the forefront of consumption. Our team has taken on the responsibility of helping others tell their stories through this medium. We not only create, but we build ecosystems for individuals & brands where creativity can flourish and prosper through providing creative resources, innovative ideas, and strategic partnerships. Our team is also working on further defining and building new innovative products that can help businesses across the Millennial & Gen-Z communities.

TMP: What advice would you give someone wanting to walk in your footsteps?

MF: Advice I would give to anyone wanting to walk in footsteps is to do just that…. walk. Don’t run before your legs have fully matured. I’ve seen so many people try to run before they’ve even taken time to understand how things work. Take time to look around you, study your craft, learn from other individuals that have successfully done things in your field, and find ways to grow. Grow as you go. I would also advise patience. Nothing great happens overnight. You have to trust the process, but be committed to making daily strides to bettering yourself. As long as you understand this, you will yield results. And lastly, I would say be genuine. I saw myself grow the most and my business flourish the most because I was always genuine, I always showed love, I always asked, “what value could I provide?” and not just “what value can they provide me?”. Be true to yourself, be honest with others, and just show up as a genuine person. People respect that, and that’s the kind of respect that is given without having to ask for it.

TMP: What is next for you?

MF: Continued strides of growth. Growing HYYER Creative: Building our team. Creating impactful content to be consumed on the largest scale possible. And continuing to inspire. I’m now starting to grow more of my personal brand: I have a lot to offer and I want to be a resource for those that need it, both in and outside of the entertainment industry. Overall, our team is working to put out some amazing projects and we’re excited to share more and more.

TMP: What would you say has been your key to success thus far?

MF: My keys to success have been trusting the process, exercising patience, investing in the people around me, and showing up providing value. Every time I’ve shown value in a room, I’ve been remembered in that room.

TMP: What is one motto you live by?

MF: Control the Controllable.

TMP: Where can they follow you and your amazing entities on social media?

MF: You can follow me at @Mal.Full on Instagram and Hyyer Creative at @HyyerCreative


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