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Imagine Death being your Saving Grace!

The twitter sensation over the weekend laid in the hands of thee Meagan Good with the new movie "Death Saved My Life". Lifetime Movie Networks Ripped From the Headlines series gave us a chilling look into a deadly marriage and we mean deadly.

The movie explores Jade (Good) and what seems to be her desirable life from the outside, but behind closed doors she is married to Ed (Chiké Okonkwo), a volatile, control freak narcissist who emotionally and physically abuses Jade and is bent on being in control even to the point that he tries to kill her for leaving.

Can you imagine death being your only saving grace to the life you know and want. Well Good's character Jade believes just that. Making her husband believe she is dead will free her from his misery and turmoil on her life.

What is amazing about this chilling thriller is it explores the disfunctions of domestic violence in the black home, that many of us do not explore due to embarrassment, feeling judge or actually admitting there is a problem and I need to leave.

Watching this movie also allows some of us to explore our past and understand some of the behavior present in this movie was some of those we experienced growing up and this movie provided another glimpse into that faulty mirror.

The movie also explores mental disorders, the character's sister Leigh also who happens to be her real life sister La'Myia Good, battles a mental hiccup and honestly from watching we can tell Okonkwo's character also too had to have one as well and as we watched Saturday Night, you can see the realism of needing to get help to save yourself.

The movie in lamest terms is about a woman trapped in a marriage and forced to fake her death to escape her husbands tyranny, but the movie is so much more than that and explores such a compelling look in the disfunctions that happen right under our nose. Based on a true story, we watch a Black Woman gain strength, gain resilience and gain freedom.


I had the privilege viewing the movie earlier courtesy of Cr8 Agency & The Icho Group and it is definitely a must see, my hats are off to Meagan Good who executive produced the project.

RATING: 10/10

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