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MADE IN THE DMV.... Where Clubhouse Meets Reality

Imagine being on clubhouse pitching your record, them boom your in the studio with those exact people you pitched your record to, well that's what happened when Made In The DMV took their highly acclaimed clubhouse platform and made it something grander.

Now I talked about the clubhouse platform some weeks ago; READ IT HERE! and how tremendous it has been to the artists of the area, changing the landscape of the artist and the connection of bridging the gap between producers, artists, disk jockey, media and so forth.

This past Monday saw that connection take on new heights as Made In The DMV brought clubhouse to the studio. An intimate mix of power players, A&Rs, Disk Jockeys, Musicians, Producers, Media & Socialites. I witnessed the creation of music, brainstorming of ideas, energy sharing and above all Black Creators all on one mission to be greater.



“When I shoot, I initially try to find a feel or vibe of what the environment is like for the viewers who aren’t there. Sometimes I wait for the perfect shot, especially when it’s candid and I’m usually unseen or undetected when I do it, which is my specialty. The vibe at the studio was dope along with the artists working combined with the ambiance and excitement, so it was a no brainer that the work would come out dope” - Big Hazzard

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