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NEW VIDEO GAME ALERT: "Journey of A Cyberwarrior"

The Journey of a Cyberwarrior program is a virtual educational competitive gaming platform of interactive modules aimed at educating users on the various career paths in the cybersecurity industry. The modules consist of offensive and defensive cyber missions, thought- provoking interactivity and on-the-job style simulations to ignite the cyberwarrior inside each user.

The program is developed by SparkC, LLC., a cybersecurity management firm focused on delivering cyber solutions to national, state, and local partners. Our company holds various high level industry certifications including: ( 1 ) Certified Informatin Security Systems Professional (CISSP), ( 2 ) CSA - EC Certified Security Analyst, ( 3 ) Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge, ( 4 ) Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MSCE), ( 5 ) CompTIA A+, and ( 6 ) SANS Advanced Enterprise Defender.

CEO: Justin Drummond, (DMV 35 Under 35, Former D1 Athlete and Award Winning Serial Entrepreneur & Creator of Cyber Warrior)

Building a new workforce requires direct exposure to the subject matter. The cybersecurity industry is a common secret that is often overlooked across the country. There are present and future opportunities in the cybersecurity industry and our goal is to provide educational learning resources to the community to ignite interest in this emerging industry. The Journey of a Cyberwarrior program will challenge, engage, entertain, but most importantly educate users ages 11+ on the various paths to entering the cybersecurity industry now or in the future.


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