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PR SPOTLIGHT: Debbie Peyton (I.N.D.Y Music Grp)

Debbie was born in DC, raised in Oxon Hill Md. Her music career started in 2010 when she created DcTellAllMedia. A one of a kind blog that showcased up and coming local talent. In late 2010 Debbie began managing “ Sluttyboyz'' who were under Fat Trels "Umbrella".

Fat Trel started a label in 2011 which introduced her to artists like Yung Gleesh, Chris Bo, Young Moe, Kiara Simone and more. Debbie opened her career and had the pleasure of working with artists like Young Moe, And Visto.

In 2015 she relaunched Dctellallmedia as a radio show and would move on to work with companies like Medium PR Agency now known as Creative Agency and One Love Massive. As of today Debbie continues to manage and consult. Her current clients are Supa Trippa and Devin the Ripper.

Companies/ Labels

Owner/Blogger - DcTellAllMedia

BasshedMusicGrp- Artist Manager

DC1135 Record Label- Artist Manager

Southern Sounds- Manager/Booking Agent

Medium PR Agency now Creative Agency- Conent Manager

One Love Massive- Artist Development Consultant

I.N.D.Y Music Group- Owner/Manager/ Consultant

Artist/ Past Clients

Fat Trel


Shy Glizzy

Yung Gleesh

Young Moe


Sofi Green


Supa Trippa

Sheila D

Grind Paze aka Frank Blunt

Devin the Ripper