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Saturdays never felt so good until PARKNIK

Imagine it's Saturday, your in the mood for a picnic, some cook out vibes, some great music, a reason to shake yo a** and you want to do this all in the comfort of a great location. Well ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce you to the Parknik. The Parknik is a tailgate influenced festival focused on maximizing social experiences in the safest environment possible.

I was fortunate to cover this event by creator, renowned DJ Malcolm Xavier of Joy Club DC and 93.9 WKYS and I was must say the experience was like no other, but I wanted to see it all from start to finish. I pulled up around 2 to see the set up and really see the guys in their element, we always see the finish product, but I wanted to really appreciate how this epic event (which is on year #2) comes together.

It was the rush of the last minute things that spiked my interest even more and contributed to my respect of these gentlemen, as you saw the eye of the tiger form in a major way.

PARKNIK Creator BG , creating the Stage Backdrops and flyers for Afterparty on the spot

The event started and it soared after that, people coming in left and right, tents being put together, bottles being popped as well as a***s lol. This event was the epitome of great vibes and I was noticing that immediately. The event compiled with epic sets from all of our favorite DJ's; DJ Money, DJ Domo, DJ Marvalous, DJ Marauder, and DJ Camo. The party was on, take a look below;

"We wanted to create something that we can enjoy in the mist of the horrible pandemic, great vibes, great music and freedom to enjoy yourself safely, it's a huge family gathering in the end and it is needed from our city" -Malcolm Xavier

If these pictures could explain anything, I hope it tells you PARKNIK was a funky good time. Now the heat on the other hand was out of hand, so when I could , I hung out backstage and let's just say all the cool people made their way back there as well, take a look:

Hosted By Little Bacon Bear and King Flexxa

All in all this event was amazing and it was beautiful to see us in one area, having a great time with no drama. The COVID-19 pandemic really opened our eyes to appreciate the good times and that was just what happened July 10th. I cannot wait until next year to experience this again!!!

RATING: 10/10


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