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Saturdays were never the same AGAIN...... Black Excellence at it's Best!

The newest craze in town all began this summer and it took the DC Area by storm. Aja Sophia, Malik Sneed & Azele Prather Jr. are the three amazing Black Millennials who created a stage for black businesses in the area to thrive in a time or turmoil.

Soufside Market, a weekly Vendor Hub dedicated to black own businesses, providing a shopping mall filled with designers, artists, brands and food. Named after the slang version of Southeast, the region of DC of which the event took place, became the new staple of the summer and everyone wanted a part.

Each and Every Saturday from 10-4pm, 2510 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE Washington DC was the place to be and I am surely happy I was able to witness this empowering thing these creatives created to help businesses flourish during covid. "This is only the beginning", said Malik, who let me know that this does not stop here and they plan on bringing the market back in a major way. With ABC pitches, promotions going on WKYS 93.9 FM, they hit the pavement heavy and all the outlets tuned in to see what this epic new thing was to hit our area. In all entirety, it was amazing to see Black Kings and Queen coming together to not only make a difference, but help save businesses, put businesses on and share the money in our own communities.

“As far as Ward 7 and Ward 8 being the most troubling parts of the city,

this is some positive every Saturday and not an ounce of trouble or a smell of trouble.

We're bringing the family, we're bringing the love to this side,” Sneed said.

“Consumers are now trusting the Soufside market as a brand,” Sophia said. “So people are coming out every Saturday just because they’re excited to see the vendors that were picked.”

“Where can you get that on a good Saturday and able to support your people and support them the right way?” asked Azele Prather Jr.,


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