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Say it ain't So WENDY WILLIAMS.....................

Wendy, Wendy, Wendy (in my Whitney Houston voice), the name that makes people talk and the name that makes people run, either way you respect it. Wendy Williams: The Movie, premiered last night on Lifetime Network, but I had the courtesy to view the movie weeks earlier thanks to The Icho Group & CR8 Agency . I also had the pleasure of joining in on an epic session with the stars of the movie Ciera Payton & Morocco Omari and can I tell you, this movie is so much more than expectations.

The movie details the life of thee Wendy Williams, american broadcaster, businesswoman, actress, media personality, & author and boy ol' boy, this movie told everything we wanted to know; from the drug addiction, to the start of her career, to her plastic surgery, to her pregnancies, dating experiences, to Kevin and the infamous baby. The movie left nothing to the imagination and tackled everything no holds barred. The movie allowed you to see all facets of Wendy Williams and you walk away knowing her and loving her more than you thought you would.

Actors Ciera Payton and Morocco Omari are the walking definition of Wendy Williams and Kevin Hunter, they captured their essence, their mannerisms, their looks, their feelings, it was like being in the actual Wendy Williams backyard.

As an entertainment journalist and others alike, you gained a higher respect for her craft. You understand the true hard work and dedication to the craft and how the steady hard work eventually pays off.

As a Hot Topic Guru, her life became a Hot Topic and oftentimes as the GP we got the bare minimum, but this movie babbbbyyyyyy, explored all that and then some, any question you had before this movie is now answered. Job well done to the creators, directors, writers, actors and all those involved, this biopic was the first of its kind that really allowed the viewer to feel ultimately connected to the character.

The movie comes on again tonight for the encore airing & online now for streaming and if you missed the first night, I must tell you to treat yourself and catch up on the movie that has been having the Twitter world going bonkers.


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