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Supa Trippa lets us know he is the "Big Healer"

Supa Trippa is something for the ages. The Washington, DC Recording Artist may be our new savior in music, from the infectious beats, to the epic lyrics to the delightful tone, Trippa is everything the music industry needs in its new climate of music.

The 36 minute collection 'Big Healer' is just that a healing experience, we get to see Trippa heal through his music while grabbing hold of the audience and captivating us in our walk in healing. Some of the best music you will ever hear, Trippa has learned his craft and shows us his mastering song after song.

Supa Trippa is an invigorating artist from Washington, DC.The DC native has gained the attention of many music consumers boosting his following in and out of the Washington Metropolitan Area. Supa Trippa is known for his unique style of music with captivating lyrics. The young Hip Hop star has the ability to string together words to create an inimitable melodic cadence for his listeners. He grew up admiring artists such as James Brown, David Ruffin, Smokey Robinson and Soulja Slim to name a few. Trippa is a multi-talented artist who is a Songwriter, Singer and Rapper. The artist is touted to create songs for any genre of music. Supa Trippa prides himself on creating music for all people that will instill a sense of healing and relief while also enjoying the healing sensation that creating music provides for him. As a collective of Visuals, Streams and Products Supa Trippa has grasped over 1M views.

Songs that you are sure to have on repeat are; "Clarity" , "Neck & Knees" , "So Special" , "Feels Good" , & "Hot Shots".



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