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The Season of the BAG is among us again, Young E Class has made sure of it!

Bag Season 2, the highly anticipated LP from Recording Artist Young E Class has finally arrived and the critics are waving.

The 54 minute , 17 song collection tests the boundaries of the limits he could go as an artist and the project speaks on the evolution of his creativity becoming even more musically inclined. The project in a nutshell is everything you want to hear and everything you didn't know you needed until now.

Starting off with the title track "Intro", Young E Class finds himself sliding and flexing on a dynamic beat, showing off the lyrical skill that at this point comes so effortlessly. The three minute and forty-one second song gears you into the title, Bag Season, if you can't tell he is in his bag by the intro, we don't know what to tell you, but its apparent the season of the bag has come again.

Filled with the hits we know and love like "No Love", "Drug Money", "Ready To Die" , and " Who You Lovin", we find ourselves in collection of pure radio friendly bops.

Favorite Tracks on the LP are as followed; "Remind Em", "Smoke Signal", "Diamonds Dancin", "Counter Clock", "Uncrowned Kings" , "Trap Opera" & the bonus track "Thank You". These tracks allowed for an escape into his artistry, its these songs that really allowed for listener to see the imagery of his artistry grow. He has defied the odds with this project it is sure a hell of a way to start the year off.

The album features guest appearances from Recording Artists Black Cobain, Astro Kyi, & Reese Da Realist.


RATING: 10/10

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