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There's a new Lane open down BWI, come experience Luxury

March 6, 2021 opened a new realm in the automotive world as BWI Motorsports officially launched and opened its doors to the public.

BWI Motorsports created in 2021, is a Premiere Automotive Bespoke & Lifestyle Brand that focuses on providing a personal service experience that delivers quality workmanship and great pricing.

The grand opening was met with an amazing turnout with people from everywhere here to experience BWI Motorsports.

Located in the heart of the DMV, this new automotive service has already gained the clientele of huge pillars, like recording artist PUSHA T.

The night brought out a range of whose who's of the city from Recording Artists, Flex Kartel, Biggs Cooley, Ade, I Am Northeast to Radio Personality Little Bacon Bear, the list goes on, with DJ Malcolm Xavier on the ones & twos.

Created by Andre Hopson and Kie Fair, two phenomenal brothers, we got so to see their vision in full fruition and their mission behind the epic brand that has already fostered a dynamic clientele.

"While we realize this customer-focused philosophy isn’t necessarily unique, needless to say, it is becoming increasingly rare in our industry. And so we are determined to change that by delivering our knowledge, talent and passion into our work every day and treating all of our customers as an extension of our own family." - BWI Motorsports

"There's an experience when you come here, this is not just an ordinary automotive service, its bigger than that, its culture here and progression here and an experience that you will not witness anywhere else" - Owner Kie Fair





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