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#ThrowBackExperience ….. Revo Mag “Gala at The Loft”

Luxury, Taste, Class, & Expensive is how I would explain this night as a whole. "RevÖ: Gala at The Loft", where fashion meets class; was a night full of creativeness, great vibes, amazing looks, amazing hair, amazing shoes, epic networking all in one. I had the privilege of enjoying as a VIP guest but the experience was so magical I just had to share.

Held at the amazing Loft in Baltimore, home for the epic magazine REVÖ. The night was catered to the taste palette of everything Fashion Week. It felt so angelic yet regal and showcased a dynamic taste of what the magazine stands for, but what it wants to represent in the arena of greatness throughout the country.

The night offered great music, great people, great food and we cannot forget drinks. So many creatives, influencers, brand ambassador's, celebs and everyone in between in one room, that connection was a must and had to happen.

This experience really allowed me to get a realization of how the fashion world parties and network. I saw models, I saw beauty, I saw story telling and the connecting dots the bridge all those things together. All in all before the drinks took over my realm, I was really honored to be in an atmosphere where I got a glimpse of all things fashion and royalty and I attest that to the Editor In Chief Terrell Edmonds.

Take a look at the complete night:


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