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#WorldCannabisActivismDay.....Understanding that the 'Grass is Greener'

By now we understand the precious gift that is Weed, Mary Jane, Cannabis, the good stuff, or just plain ol' Marijuana. However you want to call, this amazing gift has been lifting spirits for decades and has helped cure or assist many illnesses, but one thing we have never known is the real history behind the drug we all know and love, but that changes with this epic film "Grass is Greener".

Grass is Greener tells that historical relationship of weed here in America. The beautiful thing about this film is it explores the areas of Black Culture that we never knew even appreciated weed. From Jazz to Hip-Hop to everything in between the movie tackles exactly how weed has came to be and the hard truths that come with the Stigma of being what's called a POTHEAD.

Directed and Narrated by Hip Hop Legend and Cannabis Advocate Fab 5 Freddy, we got to really under the world of Cannabis and hear it in our language. I have always appreciated Cannabis, never knew the history until now. It was monumental to see all the struggles that came with even having a J and the parallels that have been negatively featured towards the Black Community.

The message of music in this film really helps you see the message of how music has been the tying factor of Cannabis and honestly after watching, that message still and always has been positive and dives deeper into a conversation of mental health.

Featuring appearances from Ceelo Green, Damian Marley and the Weed God himself, Snoop Dogg, really helped carry the message. The fight for Cannabis has been one for the books and it still continues as more laws and less laws are activated towards the drug. All in all the film was informative, concise, funny, and needed.


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