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My name is Javon White best know as punchey all over the city. I'm from Washington DC, the Trinidad side of town. I am the Son of the DC legend Stacy Robinson, I am 25 years old , attended parkdale high school & Lackawanna junior college . I drew interest from many 4 year university from d1 all the way down to NAIA currently just playing in all the local men's leagues in the city

MEDIA PRINCE: When did you begin playing Basketball?

I begin playing basketball at the AGR of 7

MEDIA PRINCE: What about Basketball attracted you?

What attracted me to basketball was seeing my father play and hearing about the story of him

MEDIA PRINCE: What is it about Basketball that keeps you thrilled?

The thrill of the game is the competition and the energy and level of the game

MEDIA PRINCE: What is the biggest misconception about Basketball?

My best misconception of the game is the opportunity that some people miss out on because of different leagues an its level of competition

MEDIA PRINCE: What is your view on the current state of Basketball?

My current view on the state of the game is that it's changing every year there are no such thing as a big man now days its very few if any

MEDIA PRINCE: Would you consider Basketball to be your form of art?

Basketball is definitely a form of art, but not every one can play the game

MEDIA PRINCE: Would you say that Basketball is an outlet to get out any stress?

Yes I would it helps me when I'm in a bad state of mind just pick up the ball and clear my mind of everything

MEDIA PRINCE: How do you keep yourself on your toes when it comes to the sport?

There is so much talent in my city alone so if you do not work on your craft you can get passed over very fast. Guys out here want to make a name for thereselves.

MEDIA PRINCE: What inspires you to keep going?

My father keeps me going, him wanting to see me play the game at the highest level pushes me, especially with him being a DC legend I have big shoes to fill

MEDIA PRINCE: How important is it to leave your heart on the floor and give it your all in a game?

Its very important to play your hardest each game you never know who is watching you

MEDIA PRINCE: What advice do you have for the little boy who is watching and wants to follow in your footsteps?

My advice to the young men coming up wanting to play the game is never settle always work on your game because the next man always working

MEDIA PRINCE: What is next for you?

What's next for me is to continue to work on my game and try to get to the professional level whether it's overseas or the nba

MEDIA PRINCE: Are you social? IG? FB? Twitter?

IG puncheydabighomie

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