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Artist Spotlight: Diego Bo$$

Lorenzo Duren better know to his peers and the social community as The turnt rapper diego boss is a 27 year old rapper . He grew up all over the Prince George's county area known as PG county where majority of the urban minority reside so growing up wasn't a walk in the park "I seen so many young kids my age pass way to violence and drugs I feel blessed to have made it this far". Diego attended Crossland high school in Temple hills Maryland and graduated in 2005. Grew up with both parents in his life but due to his father going in and out of jail he was mostly raised by his strong single mom Erma freeman . Even anyone close to Diego boss would tell you that Lorenzo and Diego are night and day. Lorenzo is the hardworking 9-5 father of a beautiful 2 year old daughter name Layla but Diego Boss is a turnt party king who surrounds himself with beautiful women and alcohol and it comes out in his music. Diego Bo$$ is not only a turnt rapper or a rapper than can get you jumping around but what sets him apart from many club rappers is his clever lyricsm and word play. Diego bo$$ would never consider his self a overnight success he has been grinding in the underground rap scene of the DMV since he was 21, which garnished him many opportunities to open for acts like meek mill , and other local up and coming talents in the DMV area and he won 1st place in a few talent contest; But what most people wouldn't know is that Diego bo$$ was on the bridge of quitting rap due to janky promoters and his distrust in the business but his love with the music was so strong that he quoted " I can't do nothing but rap all I think about is rap when I'm in the shower I rap at work I rap so that's what I been put on this earth to do " Diego bo$$ has plans on becoming the greatest rapper ever and through his grind and determination the goals seem very reachable .

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