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MOTHERS DAY LOOK OUT: GIFT GEISHA COMPANY is the gifting company you email and say, “My Sister is a Henri Bendel girl through and through, she travels a lot, and likes red wine. We say, “Gotcha!” and with a deposit we begin to curate your custom order. In just a few days you've sent her a Happy Birthday surprise with a special gift from Henri Bendel, a Bendel Vanilla Bean travel candle, a Bendel Girls match box, a Fresh Succulent plant, and an adorable Blackberry travel soap. Don't forget the essential Chocolate Drenched Marshmallow and stow-away size Sangria with Wine wipes wrapped in pretty packaging with florals and a hand written note.

The Gift Geisha started by curating "Thinking of You" gift assortments to share flirty and fun finds with friends living overseas and just too far away. With more personal sentiments being shared between friends and family, we transformed into a full fledge "Giving" adventure.

Launching in 2016 with the concept of offering fashionable online gifting to the uber busy "socialite-on-the-go," we have mastered interior design of a gift box. Heck, we’ve made it even easier and time saving by allowing you to design your own gift. Exclusively access “DESIGN-A-GIFT” and select your own box & ribbon, themed note cards, sweets and bath products to books and accessories, and of course those finishing touches such as box charms or a floral bouquet. A golden Gift Geisha box is the chic and coolest gift of Mother's Day 2017.

Whichever you choose, Custom Ordering, Pre-curated Themed Gift Collections, or “Design-A-Gift” we promise it will be Ridiculously Good. Give them the gift them never knew they wanted. SHOP for Mother’s Day, Birthday, Wedding, Baby Showers, or just a Thinking of You moment. Gifts starting at $20.00

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