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EVENT REVIEW: 'We Are The Joneses' Watch Party Live Filming

I had the pleasure of being invited by the beloved and multi talented Radio Personality Deja Perez to the'

'We Are The Joneses' watch live party held at the newest craved attraction The Park At Fourteenth.

A quick update about the show:

"World-renowned Manhattan plastic surgeon Dr. Michael Jones and Emmy Award winning journalist and actress Cathleen Trigg-Jones are New York's busiest power couple. Balancing a multi-million dollar ethnic plastic surgery practice, a charity called Trigg House, and developing Cathleen's talk show, they are also a close-knit blended family traveling the world, celebrating milestones, and journeying through everyday life.

Dr. Jones and Cathleen have previously appeared together on Bravo's Million Dollar Listing New York as Luis D. Ortiz's clients, buying a property in Puerto Rico on season 3 and selling their Harlem brownstone on season 4 of the show. Now they will be appearing in their own docu-series called We Are The Joneses.

In each episode, we follow the story of the busy Jones family, as they carve out time together amidst the demands from the bustling practice, Cathleen’s growing production company, and the friends who count on them. And every episode, we follow the evolutionary journey of a new patient. From the woman who was bullied all her life because of her “bull” nose, to the man who underwent seven unsuccessful surgeries before finding Dr. Jones, the physical transformation of each patient is astounding. But the life-changing transformation that happens inside can be the real surprise. The Joneses takes their own emotional journey, on a search for Cathleen’s biological mother. Will finding the missing pieces finally give Cathleen a sense of belonging? Or is the support along the way, from family and friends, the real treasure?

All the while, everyone is trying to keep up with the Joneses—including the Joneses. Balancing a cosmetic surgery empire, a successful TV career and two kids, Christian (13) and Olivia (11), is never easy. But at the end of the day, the most important thing to this New York City power couple is family." -

The event began at 6:30pm to a crowded room looking and waiting to hear Dr. Jones and Cathleen Jones. These two individuals, deemed the modern day Clair and Heathcliff Huxtable spoke about real issues and gave real life testimonies on how they got to where they are today as well as how they work together as a unit.

"I really got to enjoy them not only on screen, but in person, these two really are about their work and their craft and its amazing to see how humble and down to earth they are, makes me want to watch them even more because they are just like me" - Sandra (Just1PR)

The event itself was filled with all the whose who's of the area as well as the country. It was monumental to see all the love and support everyone wanted to give to The Joneses. Deja joined them on stage shortly after and gave us better insight into the show as well as deeper look at both Dr. Jones & Cathleen Jones.


From the location, to the setting, to the food, to the atmosphere, everything worked together and I must say the night was a pure success. I had the pleasure of personally speaking and interviewing them both (you will see that on Social Media @TheMediaPrince), and I took away a better understanding and outlook on the possibilities of following your dreams.

It was also a joy to watch them as a unit because individually they are both power houses in their own right, but make the effort to come together and win together.

The show comes on Saturdays at 10pm on Centric and it is definitely something positive that I believe we need in reality tv right now. They are not trying to fake for the cameras or put on a show, you just see pure love and pure honesty and that portrayed all through the night as they graciously spoke to each and every individual in the room.

All in all the event was a pure success and I am pretty sure that everyone in the room will now be tuned in if they were not before.

RATING: 10/10

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