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MIXTAPE REVIEW: Big Gucc "The Real Me"

Welcome to “The REAL Me”. This project takes your through the life of Shaun aka “Bigg Gucc”. The Real Me was meant to give just that, a real interpretation of who Bigg Gucc is , along with the trials, tribulations and temptations of life. Bigg Gucc also take us on a trip through a world of high energy, canny bars, and the sound he’s been trying to achieve since he started making music. With features from other Take Over Entertainment artist, Siah, Don Mula, Pootie Lou, Bigg Gucc shows his versatility of topics and flows on various different beats. This project doesn’t need the skip button. Sit back, pick your poison and listen to "THE REAL ME"

Meet Recording Artist Big Gucc, hailing from the gritty streets of Hampton, VA. His latest effort "The Real Me" finds us discovering not only who Big Gucc is as a person, but who he is as an artist.

Starting with his intro, you are instantly taken on a ride into his life and led forward with the melodic tones and his insane flow throughout the entire piece. Directly after is the foot stomping jam "Mobbin" ft. Pootie Lou., this song right here instantly gets you in party mode or shall I say TURNT mode, with a huge bass line, you have no choice but to want to dance along.

The tracks that are sure to make you hit the repeat button are; "One Time", "Adam and Eve", "Fried", "Styrofoam", & "Number 1".

My favorite song on the mixtape is "Uber", most definitely a cruising through the city, chair leaned back, music blasting type of song and you all know I am hear for great vibes and songs that make me feel mellow and quite cool.

"Call yourself a uber, call yourself a uber girl" he recites before murdering the beat and showing his interest that the ride is coming soon.

Overall the mixtape is an amazing effort and I am definitely looking forward to seeing exactly what Big Gucc has in store for us and I just got word that he has more music coming soon.

RATING: 10/10

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