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LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION.........Fashion at its best is what I would say about this epic night.

I had the pleasure of covering yet again this year for another dope fashion show created by the multi talented Fashion Designer and Creative Director Wizzolx. Held at the beloved Show Place Arena, it left room for creativity TO THE MAX.

The key component of Wizzolx shows are the daring fashions. The statements that do not conform with everyday style, but yet it is so epic and detail that it creates a new eye opener for new fashions of its kind to flourish in such a big way.

The extravaganza as what I call it, was something for the books and being as though I was an attendee last year, I felt this year the show was even more grander. From the clothes to the looks to the crowd, everything gave a different vibe this year and it worked for the best. I stood from behind the curtain as I got to see everything happen and looks coming together before my very eyes and I was immediately impressed and this feeling too was much different from last year, which set my expectations in high over drive and you sir Wizzolx, definitely delivered.

The show featured designs from:

Hosted by Models London and Ryan

The event in itself was epic, and when I use the word epic, I use it in its full potential and this night captured all its potential. It actually was very inspiring watching Wizzolx be so dope, so personable and so patient, yet jungling so much in so little time and the end results made for an amazing fashion show, an Incredible fashion show.