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EVENT REVIEW: The Ubiquitous Expo & Cafe Mocha Radio PRESENTS "My Journey: Yesterday...Toda

How could I sum up this magical event in one word? Well I cannot, too much greatness happened this night to put into just a minimum one word. The night was spectacular, excellent, brave, beautiful and worthy; are just a few ways of describing this glorious night of celebration.

I had the honor of attending "My Journey: Yesterday...Today...Tomorrow" Presented By The Ubiquitous Expo & Cafe Mocha Radio, which geared to showing the inspiration of our travel from then to now and beyond. I was afforded the opportunity by Media Maven Kayla Allen and PR extraordinaire Alex Hill and I am beyond grateful for being able to capture this epic night.

Held at the beloved Newseum, we experienced the greatness of Black Excellence and the advancement of how our creative being has grown to amazing heights. Honoring Essence Magazine Communications President Michelle Ebanks and new owner Richelieu Dennis, both of who provided knowledge, insight and the everyday struggles they experience just as we do and the ways to persevere.

Hosted by the beautiful, funny and multi-talented Comedian and Actress Loni Love (Host of The Real Daytime Talk Show & Cafe Mocha Radio) and also the beautiful and multi- talented Allison Seymour (News Anchor for FOX5), these two kept the crowd entertained and ready to learn of everything that was to come from the night.

Everyone was in the room from Roland Martin to Rushion McDonald to Wanda Durant, all in one room to honor the guest of honors. I believe the room was so filled with joy and inspiration due to the fact, first its Essence and Essence has catered to our community and reflected our stories that many shut out and make them not available while Essence continues to make the page for us to turn to and see ourselves in complete greatness both for women and men, and Two the room was so filled out of the respect of what these two great souls bring to the company of which we as Black people stand so firmly beside. That in itself was enough for me to cancel a night out for drinks for a night of dignity, respect, encouragement and knowledge for the future.

"My Journey: Yesterday...Today...Tomorrow" spoke to me because I got to understand the journey's of Richelieu and Michelle and got a glimpse into a world that is so in tuned with mine, their stories, I am living them everyday and it gave a sound of encouragement that many need and want to hear to take our journey to the next level.

"The event was a packed house, everyone zoning in to scoop up all the words of wisdom given."

The floor was opened for everyone to ask their most candid questions and it was so refreshing to see people in such amazing spaces to still be so humble and honest, yet willing to give tools for everyone in the room to prosper.

All in all the event was a huge success and an amazing turnout. Great Drinks, great networking and great experience overall. I was able to step out of my Media hat a lot that night and just be a learner and a listener, which is what this outlet has been and done for us all these years, so again it was refreshing to be in a room full of like minded people ready to build from their yesterday, living in their today and building for their future.

Again job well done to The Ubiquitous Expo & Cafe Mocha Radio, capturing events like this help continue my mind frame of greatness and for those who missed this event please subscribe and stay tuned.

RATING: 10/10

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