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Malik Jarrett owner of EAT, which stands for "Elevate All The Time" has done the unthinkable once again. Creating his very own collaboration shoe with the legendary shoe company New Balance. This collab sees great heights for the Washington, DC native, whose epic clothing line is already setting the country ablaze.

This monumental venture began with his arrival of his clothing hitting the stores of Shoe City, a clothing and apparel brand located in the DC/MD area.

The Shoe not only displays the natural luxury of the new balance, but embraces the EAT clothing, which the nation's capital has grown to love. This is something big for not only the EAT brand itself, but for the community as well, which is what the EAT brand is all about.

Currently the shoe is limited to 1,000 pairs worldwide and are quickly going by the hour, so cop now, by clicking the picture below:

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