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EVENT REVIEW: Mayor Muriel Bowser & 202Creates PRESENTS "September 2018 Kick-Off"

Its that time again where we witness the greatness of Mayor Bowser, 202Creates & DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment with a big bash entitled 'September Kick-Off', which celebrates the month of which 202Creates came to be. Mayor Muriel Bowser launched 202Creates with the Washington, DC area in September 2016 to bring life and celebrate DC's creative art and music culture of the city. What only started as a September only type of celebration, has now turned into an all year venture. This September, 202Creates celebrated 2 years of showcasing & engaging with DC's creatives from all 8 wards.

Take a look at what you missed:

The event in entirety was catered to the arts, from make up tutorials, to dance, to music, to painting, to media, to radio, everything was catered to under one roof. Held at the beloved City Winery which many know as the old LOVE NIGHT CLUB, geared nothing short of amazing atmosphere, amazing experience, amazing people and amazing brands. The key of success for 202Creates is just that, it caters to the art world, something many try so hard to take from us, but with 202Creates we are allowed to be free and celebrated for our greatness. As the kickoff event they too are gearing up for an endless month of events and I cannot wait to share more with everyone from my eyes to yours.

RATING: 10/10

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