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EVENT REVIEW: Molly Rose PRESENTS.... "A Cozy Party Vol. 1"

A Cozy Party was just that, a cozy dope a** extravaganza filled with pure talent, great vibes and amazing sounds

from the DMV. I must say your boy was lit and this may be the first review where I really have a hard time recollecting the events of the night, but that is a great thing in itself. The party was Epic and featured sounds from Farrah Flosscett , All Homage and the legendary Cozy Boyz. And Featured Performances by Recording Artists Soduh, Chaz French, Flex Kartel and soooooo many more!!!

Look Below:

Molly Rose fantastic job well done and big thanks to Danuelle of Collided Agency for sharing this with me. This was not only a night of work, but it was a night of experience and pure littyness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RATING: 11/10

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