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Disk Jockey is what they Call Him, Meet Our DJ OF THE MONTH

Born in the Northeast area of Washington, DC, Quinton Hill known as Q-Hill was born on August 16, 1986. While being exposed to music from a young age, his love for sound influenced him to become a musician. He has been in the music scene since 2001 and has no intention of stopping anytime soon.


2017- Uptown Xo – 4 Pac “The Spook that sat by the Booth” Song (T.V. ft. LJ of BYB)

2016 – Jus Paul – Dirty Dabbin ( Trippin , If I should die)

2015- Oymonati Mixtape (Noochie –Picture Me) at House Studios, Produca P –Far from Done (smooth Operator)

2014- Pink Killacorn- Tequila (Tiny tequila and Deleon Tequila Commercials)

2014- Goo Marley Aka Goo Glizzy – M.O.E Mixtape (crime pays, young niggaz, ass whippin)

2013- Produca P – My Darkest Hour Mixtape Songs (Alone, Hickies, Alone)

2002- I was mentored by Rsonist of The Heatmakerz (the production Team for Dip Set: Camron, Jim jones Juelz Santana)

In high school, he used to make beats on tape recorders, which caught the attention of Drama teacher Sophia Green. Green then introduced Q-hill to Rsonist from the Heatmakerz which became his mentor and helped coached him on making beats from 2001 through 2003. In 2003, Q-hill and his friends put together a rap group called Full Circle, which included Deazi, Mo, Scooby, T1, Ty and Willy Bucks. With the help from Professor X, he groomed and assisted the group with developing a sound.

Q-Hill graduated from high school and went to St Augustine University College in North Carolina, where he pursed Early Childhood Education. While music was still on his mind, he set up a studio in his dorm room and he shopped music in Rally, NC. He also won Best Producer of the year award for the first annual music awards in Rally, NC. He felt like he made a good enough name for himself in North Carolina so he decided to go back home to DC.

He continued to finish his studies with Early Childhood Education at the University of the District of Colombia (UDC). Q-Hill’s experience in North Carolina taught him how to market himself in DC. He got customized shirts and hats made with his brand on them. He was recognized by his soon to be mentor, David Gaston, which noticed he made music through his marketing. Gaston was in charge of the 4.0 student lounge at UDC and had an idea to build a studio in the lounge. Q-Hill started to run the studio, working many hours and coming up with ways to create sounds for clients. He continued to run the studio for a year and a half and gained even more knowledge in the music industry.

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