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Meet the New Dynamic Duo , Young E. Class & DJ Furious Styles

Concrete Monster drives the essence of r&b melodic undertones with the the real flare of Old School Hip Hop. The Grittiness, the funk, the banging beats, the storytelling , the production & the fire lyricism makes for complete magic for the collaboration of Young E. Class and DJ Furious Styles. Concrete Monster marks a new wave of artistry that speaks to the audience whose has a dire craving of hip hop, and with this solid effort has made its way to the forefront.

The collaboration between these two brothers has manifested a collection of pure hip hop, we are EMPHASIZING hip hop because this album fills the void of those missing that Nas Sound.

This too is a nice staple for the DMV and Young E. Class further puts himself in the calibers of Wale, Goldlink, Logic & IDK as our true hip hop artists leading the sound.

DJ Furious Styles handles the production of the project, proving his ear for music is unmatched and his craftily picked beats that help paint the narrative of each song.

Together Styles-N-Mob (the two collectively) created divine magic and a force that will now usher in a new sound of hip hop for those alike. The 9 song collection starts with something I call a Vibe, the Intro immediately lets you know the album will be infused with everything that make us love Hip Hop.

The tracks that stand out on the EP are “Prometheus” , “The Big Chill” & “Tommy Buns” . These tracks shine among the 9 as the production and lyrics take the artistry to the pillars of Jay Z and J Cole.

Favorite track on the EP is “If” which speaks the basis of our everyday IF situations where would be IF something did or did not happen, with a heavy saxophone background play that ties in the sounds of again, PURE HIP HOP infused with Jazz.

The EP in all entirety is a solid effort and now look forward to the future work of this dynamic duo, who from the looks and sound of it, have found their sound.

Concrete Monster speaks to the everyday lover of hip hop.

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