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Welcome to Closet Bar, where we are serving Style with a twist of Sophistication! Owned BY powerful women and designed FOR powerful women, we believe in encouraging women to be BOLD and CONFIDENT in every aspect of life - especially in their wardrobe. Style is a form of EXPRESSION, and we want you to be HEARD without saying a WORD!

If you're an expert FASHIONISTA, Closet Bar offers a wide selection of carefully selected, HIGH QUALITY pieces to add to any stunning collection. And to the budding fashion-icon, we offer 'Full Look' collections, to take some of the guesswork out of coordinating and accessorizing!


Bricciana FOUNDER & CEO of Closet Bar!

"When I graduated from Howard University in 2017, I had no idea that a life of fashion would unfold before my eyes. During my tenure at the famous HBCU, I financed my education and continued establishing my independence, by working while carrying a full course load. I began a part-time career doing bottle service at an exclusive bar/lounge where, between my vibrant personality and business acumen I obtained a highly respected reputation. Before long, I was presented with the opportunity to join the Martell Cognac family as an influencer; And as I continued to grow professionally, I continued to dress the part as well. Just as it did while I worked in bottle service, my network continued to grow at a rapid pace, and soon, I had amassed a following of people who admired both, my hustle and my sense of style. Being an influencer requires a considerable amount of social engagement, as well as social media presence - so as I continued to grow with the Martell brand, I would document my travels, my attendance at numerous events - and with each photograph I posted, little did I know that I was being donned as a “fashionista” by my following. After some time with Martell, yet another opportunity was granted to me: Record promotion.

I was always told by my close friends and family that I should consider an online boutique; And for a while I considered it, but the timing just wasn’t right - and because of my following and influence, when I DID venture to do something, I wanted it to be perfect. Who would have ever known that a world wide pandemic would be the time? In the wake of COVID-19, when the entire world had shut down, and I could no longer function in the positions I had previously held, I was given the kind of time and creative freedom that was necessary to really dig in and build my brand.

And in the face of what felt like a panic... it turns out that a new life purpose was being born: Closet Bar. "


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