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It's Friday and the Big Three Got the City On FIRE

The City is on Fire and I mean it literally. Its January 29th, 2021 and it's not even noon yet and these three epic beings have already turned the city upside down with the vicious new single "City On Fire".

Just off the cusp of their highly acclaimed project "Concrete Monster", Young E. Class and DJ Furious Styles have done it again with the magic, creating a fiery hip hop classic, sure to make the legends and those alike crack a smile at this exquisite new track. This time they shared the wealth with Recording Artist Uptown X.O. which pushed the track to even new heights.

The three minute and twelve second song is exactly what the title says "FIRE".

"ONE FOR THE MONEY, TWO FOR FOR THE SHOW, WHAT WE TALKING BOUT IF WE AINT TALKING BOUT GROWTH", lyrics from the hook that captivates the dreamers, the go getters, the ones in position of making moves happen.

These gentlemen show off effortlessly on the dope track, with production by DJ Furious Styles, showing that any track coming from his fingers is sure to be a hit. What we are witnessing is a new age Pharrell and Jay-Z duo, with E Class and Furious creating a new carve in the game of what magic these two can create over and over again. They are keeping the ammunition going as they continue the heat started in 2020 into 2021.

We won't forget Uptown X.O., who skated on the entire track, holding his own on the track. Appeasing to the ear, this song is pure hip hop, pure vibes and pure fire in all essence of the word. Powerful track added to the discography of these three dynamic artists.


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