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Meet The Artist, Creative, & Human FERG.JP

Meet the Artist, Creative, Human.

I sat down with the epic creative and business man Ferg. JP who has been the single force behind so much culture happening. Join us as we take everything creative, music, art, entrepreneurship and progression.

TMP: Art is such a beautiful thing and what you do brings so much Art to the world. You're an Artist, A Strategist, An Entrepreneur, A Creator, An Innovator, A Manager, A Music Lover, A MOGUL! How did you start & when you began, did you imagine you would go on to do so much?

FJP: First and foremost like you said, art is beautiful! Its the most pure way to talk about and to ourselves. Haha yeah I do and produce a lot, as my mind will always keep me busy. Juggling multiple projects in countless different industries always keeps my artistic mind sharp + fresh. I didn’t see myself doing my art and it being channeled over to agency work but its cool to see these seeds of ideas grow.

TMP: Take us on the journey, when did your eye for creation even begin?

FJP: My creative voice started in Elementary school, I used to draw comics and share them with my friends. Always was a lover of music and as I grew older fashion took over a large capacity of my life. I was given the ability by God to guess trends before they happen, which gives me my competitive edge; but above all I’m an artistic realest…and a mystic. — I didn’t see myself being in this many facets of art but from an early age I always felt like I stood out and could be a beacon of light in the arts space. I channeled this for my own personal endeavors and now I work alongside companies, artist + influencers to bring their ideas to life.

TMP: You are inspiring so many, in today's world, what is currently inspiring you?

FJP: Inspiration is all around us. I try to look at the simple things that encompass our daily life as inspiration. Lines, colors, architecture, fabrics..sometimes I’ll touch

TMP: Tell us about THANKS FOR SLEEPING © !

FJP: Thanks For Sleeping is my brain—child. An overtly open idea and social project that I want to live in the households and mind of every creative. Thanks For Sleeping is a lifestyle brand promoting entrepreneurship & quality rest. As creatives we’re told the age old phrase of ’No Days Off’ or ’No Sleep’ and I couldn’t resonate with those sayings. Yes we all need to grind to get to our ‘idea’ of success, but successful people take quality rest and get adequate sleep. Thanks For Sleeping creates artistic quality products with a eye for aesthetic + design while promoting our brands ethos, ‘Get some Sleep’. Products include a selvedge denim pillow, puff printed tote bags, t-shirts & other everyday items for personal consumption.

TMP: What are you learning about yourself as this and many of your other brands grow?

FJP: I’m learning that my mind doesn’t have an off switch. I’m constantly deconstructing my paradigm on what I see as creative daily and regurgitating that into other facets of my life and its beautiful to see two ideas not made for each other compliment others so well. I’m also learning that time management of self is the most important key factor to any successful business idea.

TMP: Speaking of other brands, let's talk about how we connected, I was privileged to meet this, King through my Editor In Chief at The Bridge, Lafayette Barnes with the work he was doing work he was doing with the epic WHITE DURAG! Now this Concert Tour that is killing the country is in such high demand, tell us more about it and how it began & why.

FJP: Shout out my dawg Lafayette really quick! Solid dude who is a pillar in our community and keeping the underdog voices alive. White Durag is my first legitimate business venture, an event company working seamlessly in the foreground of America’s biggest & diverse cities. Founded in 2015 after we had an epic invite only house party (see bio below)

White Durag is a socio-economic sub-culture powered by the idea of community + collective. The community is filled with artists of many different mediums, from DJs, influencers, musicians, photographers, videographers, painters & chefs.

Founded in 2015 Whitedurag™ is the heartbeat of East Coast Culture & is pushing the boundaries of sound selection + design while simultaneously giving attendees a ‘safe-haven’ to practice self expression

TMP: With such success, does it ever become overwhelming and how do you keep your mental intact?

FJP: Absolutely it can get overwhelming, but I tend to make it feel rewarding. Success also doesn’t look the same to everyone, this concept keeps me sane. To a poor man success is money, but to a sick man success is health. I think this perspective keeps my mental intact. Don't chase monetary wins, love those who love you, and help because you wanna help. If I can change the life / mind of a single person then I feel I was success. (If I remove my ego) *laughs

TMP: How do you keep yourself moving, especially doing a Pandemic and the after years of COVID?

FJP: I stay busy. As cliché as it sounds I stay moving by always keeping ongoing projects. Something I want to work on cause every time I leave the house someone wants me to help with their work but that's the life of a creative. I also take breaks and make sure I don't have any burnout. Life is also meant to be exciting.

TMP: Now let's talk about my favorite thing, MUSIC! WAVCAP Records, what is it and some of the artists you manage and who we should look out for?

FJP: Music is my first love too! I’ve been making music for over 10 years and in my travels I’ve met countless amazing musicians! So many that I wanted to create a hub for them to create from. Wavcap Records is a branch from White Durag currently we work as a music marketing label and collective that makes playlist, production & vocal assets, and visual music branding. I want to expand more on Wavcap this year in 2022. Some of the artist in Wavcap are VA artist + producer WNTR, Bowie’s Akeem Mimiko, MD’s Jelani Kwesi & myself (ferg.JP). Wntr and Keem just dropped their respective EP’s so go get those on streaming platforms!

TMP: What's one word of advice for the little boy that wants to walk in your footsteps?

FJP: Stay vigilant and try new things! There’s no sidewalk / path alike anywhere in the world so you can’t expect to walk the same path as someone else — you have to experience

TMP: What is 2022 looking like for you and your brands?

FJP: 2022 I want nothing but prosperity for everything I touch. From my brands to collaborated projects. The focal point of all my brands has me at the center so I try to create freely and with the purest intentions for my services / products. This year I want to be able to amplify my personal projects with some the biggest names in the industry / culture.

TMP: Before I let you go, what is One Motto that you live by?

FJP: Stay consistent. Nothing happens overnight and as long as I have shown my work and created proof of concept then I am & I am is all I can be.



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