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The Rain Ain't Never Stopped no Show, Broccoli City was Back & Full Effect

You ain't partied until you do it in the rain. AYE! Broccoli City hit the streets of DC in a major way, bringing back it's epic festival. Now I could not attend Sunday, because mom's was not rocking, and if you are wondering what not rocking means, then you are definitely not from the DMV.

However I attended Saturday and I partied hard rain or shine, but moreso rain, but that did not stop any body. The Crowd was hyped, the crowd was massive and the crowd enjoyed.

Performances from all the people we know and love from 21 Savage to Ari Lennox to Rico Nasty to Jeezy to Larry June to Wale the list goes on.

What I enjoyed most about this festival is that, this was the most I was carefree. With rain you have to just let yourself go and vibe. I did just that, I saw so many people from Wallo to Chey Parker to Patisdope to Buzy Baker to Miniskirt to DJ Flow to Little Bacon Bear to Famous Frank., I mean, my gosh, everyone was there and in the rain too! I will be emphasizing the rain a lot in this review because the fact that people came out and enjoyed themselves despite the weather and ya'll know us Black Folks don't play about rain and cold lol.

But, it was beautiful, people smiling, people dancing, people drinking, Broccoli City owed me nothing except for some Tylenol because I devoured Deleon like it was water.

Of course I got VIP treatment and I was moreso there to enjoy the experience, put the camera down and VIBE, but ya know me of course I had to capture some things and give the ultimate PRINCE REVIEW.

Wale was the most exciting for me as he brought out everyone who is making a name for themselves in the music industry here from Ade to Flex Kartel to Big Flock to MoneyMarr to Lightshow, the list went on and it also displayed the message of the festival which is unity. Black Change Weekend was a hit and Broccoli City helped in every way from the epic Broccoli Con to the 5K Run to the first ever two day festival. It's a great time for the DMV and Broccoli City captured that.

I also got interviewed by the COOL KIDS FOREVER FILMS while being there, which was also an experience as I see how my star power has grown in the area, look below, PICTURES CAPTURED BY,

All in all , job well done Broccoli City, shoutout these guys below, Brandon McEachern, Marcus Allen, Darryl Perkins, & Jermon Williams, four Black Man striving for change and creating an amazing experience, in all that's the key message of everything regarding Broccoli City; four Black Kings creating and conquering.



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